About Us
Günther Baudenbacher Training

One of the most important objectives
when founding the organization in 1987
was that you, the manager or salesper-
son, benefited from my long years of ex-
perience. The following insight helped
me with that: If you want to know some-
thing then ask someone with experience
not someone with just theoretical know-
ledge. Because: Theoretical knowledge
isn’t expertise! Expertise and know-how
needs training, and often lots of training.
That’s why you will train your know-
how/expertise with us. You will realize
very quickly that you can increase your
personal success through intensive

Your enthusiasm and wish for this
worthwhile training concept to be made
available to as many people as possible
led to the following long-term
Baudenbacher objectives: With 88 trainers
it should be possible to offer Günther
Baudenbacher’s Training to managers
in every country in this world.

Our associates create attractive organiza-
tions that have the best pleased custom-
ers. Günther Baudenbacher‘s Training
stands for continuous personal develop-
ment and is a model for top-organiza-
tions having a high quality business cul-
ture. You share the values that we have
making you one of the most popular em-
ployers in your field. Because there is a
significant connection between employ-
ee engagement and the success of an or-
ganization. However, the prerequisite is
that your leadership qualities are both
positive and ethical.

Employees are the pillars of your com-
pany that represent you in the outside
world. Solid integrity in the distribution
of your products and services together
with value-adding corporate manage-
ment and conduct is what makes your
organization most valuable.

A further goal, which is to share experi-
ences also at the grassroots of our soci-
ety, where they can be shaped and fur-
ther developed, led to the formation of
the Family Academy in Stuttgart and
Zurich in 2000. You as parents should
have the chance to acquire the best pre-
requisites in order to help shape a better
life in the future.

Each person has a set of beliefs that de-
termines how they act.

Mine are:
Just do it!
Whatever is most important for others is
the most important for me too.
You are what you think!